🌎 The Supreme Court’s next abortion case

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Good morning, Quartz readers! Here’s what you need to know: An appeals court ruled in favor of , but the Biden administration is appealing the decision to the country’s highest court for review. The company is no longer looking to sell its majority stake in the cable channel, despite interest from the likes of . Its plans to acquire Israeli chipmaker Tower Semiconductor were halted after objections from Chinese authorities. The union is in the throes of negotiations with Ford, GM, and Stellantis before their contract expires next month. It’s the first time that a crypto-native exchange has been authorized to sell such futures.

Target is feeling solemn For the first time in six years, sales for the US retail giant Target have declined. CEO Brian Cornell told reporters the downturn was in part due to . Just like Bud Light, Target’s decision to discourage the use of its projectiles is a telling sign of their key concern—the profit margin—which may eventually result in business losses on all fronts.

Apple is taking a decidedly hasty course of action A new software update coming sometime next month might—or might not—moveLocation of an oft-used button on iPhones: the distinctive red hang up icon which is used to end phone calls. Initially, Apple stated they were going to move the button to the right, which incited users to complain very vociferously. Consequently, the tech firm decided to keep the emplacement of the button but adjusting its position from the bottom to the center. So… pretty much the same, but slightly higher up. .

The US GDP is slowly inching upwards The projection of US economic growth is steadily growing. In a span of only a few weeks, the Real Time Gross Domestic Product Interestingly, the model used by New York Federal Reserve Bank incorporating sit. Short-term predictions posted by economists differ from the CBO forecasts for US Gross Domestic Product

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