🔴Binance Crisis – The Aftermath | This Week in Crypto – Nov 27, 2023

The U.S. Department of Justice has reached an agreement with crypto giant Binance after it voluntarily pleaded guilty of being embroiled in money laundering activities, unlicensed monetary transactions, and breaking several sanctions rules. Binance has accorded to re £4.3 billion in punishments to make up for the aforementioned wrongdoings — and CEO Changpeng Zhao has already stepped away from his position. In the light of Binance’s settlement and the subsequent drop in Bitcoin rates followed by its Buy-the-Dip phenomenon demonstration, JPMorgan voices its take, suggesting that the Binance saga will no way distort the crypto domain as it generalizes to great extents.

Additionally, major crypto player Kraken has been dealt an unforeseen pocket of difficulties — blamed of having registered with the SEC as an unactivated security transaction processor. To raise a voice against this, Kraken’s spokesperson commented on the situation detangling it to be the consequence of federal vigilance which instead needs praiseworthy action involving accomplishment via the elected legislators.

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