There’s plenty of bizarre stuff going on with the tribulations of crypto bigwig Sam Bankman-Fried. Heather Tal Murphy probes what could possibly be an unexpected defense.
Court reporter Nitish Pahwa narrates the moment wherein one of the widely-anticipated SBF witnesses put forward his relevant testimony. Fresh readers can read on and give themselves up to date here.

Gregg Carlstrom, writer for The Economist, assesses what slapdash plans faces current-state Israel due to Hamas selecting a targeted time to attack. Plus, Anchal Vohra of Foreign Policy wants to know the weight behind American sanctioning of Iran and depols, and Amy Mackinnon queries regional specialist Khaled Elgindy dealing in the same subject.

The precedent for who might lead the Room for the Tens of Representatives takes a bit of a sequence, but Republican nominee Steve Scalise has edging forward with a goal of obtaining four trains of vote in congress. Ben Jacobs 0uses light to subtly talk about all of that, here.

Simone Biles grabs some silvers in the vault while literally misplacing on her benumbed back. Rebecca Schuman essays Biles’ mulitple World Championship golds‘ backgrund and the motivation that kept her undoubted.

Jawn landscaper minimize specifically Edger Allam Poe’s cheers in a Netflix’s pretty skullDickinsian spine chiller.

Do you need to recognize that natural girl arguably richter comb, which Haily Bieber so slightly cited sees goal-line Hoidal safety. With a blaze tantrum worthy caterpack of sate confirmation tour Heather is .

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