2024 Crypto Outlook: Influencers Optimistic On Bitcoin ETF, Shibarium, And Dogecoin

As we approach the new year, let’s look at the perspectives of several prominent cryptocurrency users with millions of followers on what the future holds. Content creator and investor, JAKE took to social media and said, “2024 will be the greatest year crypto has ever seen”.

The marketing executive of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, Lucie, inspirited everyone to set their crypto goal by 2024 by posting the Ed Salomon’s post which stated, “Why Shibarium ?” with the answer being “ridiculously fast processing as well as insanely low gas fees where each transaction WILL burn $text{SHIB}$”.

A former Bitcoinmaximalist,itsALLrisky, emphasized that 2024 could mean Dogecoin securing its rightful place in the industry as the crypto of the people.

An avid X user, Brains, suggested that possibility for capital generation from airdrops will peak in 2024- it could be the biggest opportunity ever offered by producs and services. CryptoGuy_777 anticipates it to be an exhilarating year, speculating on Jupiter Airdrop; $1+ injecting into the Solana Ecosystem, Blast, unlocking hundreds in eth presale tokens, as well as other notable launches such as BTC ETF, Halving & ETH ETF.

Jelle, the longer-term stock and crypto investor, aims high for the altcoins at 2024. As for now, the global crypto market capital stands at an impressive $text{$1.65} text{ trillion}$; total market volume over the past 24 hours is $text{$70.04 billion}$. Majors in the Barclays index are increasingly receptive, with Bitcoin at $text{49.9%}$ and recording gains over $text{154.1%opathy }$ YTD. Ethereum surpasses these goals by far with the majority at ${text{92.7%}}$. Meanwhile, Sovenirs have topped most charts amidst the market flurry – Bonk astonished everybody at $text{7.5K}$%, while Solana & Avalanche reported respective figures of $text{953.06%}$ & $text{268.3%}$. Lastly, Shiba Inu & Dogecoin showed off with their figures both holding at $text{28.6%}$ & $text{29.9%}$, YTD.

On the other hand, with expectations for the Bitcoin ETF formally ending from wreck 5’th to the 10’th of Jan, 2024, VanEck composed a teaser clip extracted from the everywhere noteworthy Narrati their intern beautified,differing this chance interpretation via the Soul stirred Clipa called “Born to BitCoin”.

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