3 Meme Coins Pioneering the Best P2E Projects: Big Eyes Coin, Floki Inu, And Tamadoge

Meme Coins are Taking the Crypto Industry by Storm

Meme coins are a small but powerful niche of cryptocurrency that has grown from simple tokens listed on crypto exchanges to DeFi ecosystems with play-to-earn games, a metaverse, and other interactive features that drive the token’s value. And P2E games aren’t just growing more popular in the crypto space but in the gaming sector as well. Platforms such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland, are some DeFi players that have tried and successfully executed this new concept. Big Eyes Coins (BIG) are following suit as well!

With the gaming sector crossing $60.4 billion in revenue in the United States alone, meme coins have a huge market to tap when introducing P2E games. P2E games usually reward their players in the form of their own platform’s tokens. However, rewards could also come in the form of skins, virtual land, NFTs, and other collectibles. If the price of the token is high enough, Users could also liquidate the tokens to fiat currencies and take their winnings home.

Big Eyes Coin Marks a Milestone with New Casino

This meme coin is still in its presale, raking in money from crypto investors and enthusiasts in its 14th stage of funding. Big Eyes Coin’s presale has been a huge success, raising $41.55 million. To keep prices low, Big Eyes Coin is now being sold at its stage 3 price. To keep the Big Eyes Coin’s ecosystem robust, the team behind the project will soon be releasing an online casino with over 4000 P2E games to choose from. Having a casino is expected to increase the total number of Big Eyes Coin holders and contribute to the overall development of the meme coin’s platform.

Alongside the Big Eyes Casino, NFTs, a Uniswap launch, and a superstore where you can buy all Big Eyes Coin collectibles will also be released soon.

Floki Inu: More than Just a Platform Hosting P2E Games

Partnered with multiple groups such as Zelwyn Finance, CertiK, and Huobi Wallet, Floki Inu is an active player in the meme-coin market. A utility token in the Floki Inu ecosystem, Floki Inu powers multiple products for the meme coin’s platform. Floki Inu now has a 3D NFT Metaverse, DeFi utilities, a crypto education platform, a merchandise store, etc.

Breed New NFTs With Tamadoge

Created and developed by a strong team of blockchain developers, Tamadoge is a fully interactive platform where users can breed new NFTs and earn recognition on the leaderboard for exceptional performance using the P2E feature of the platform. Tamadoge’s pets are at the core of the Tamadoge project. Each one is unique, having its own set of unique stats, attributes, and features, driving the future of this DeFi project.

The Final Word

Meme coins have added a new dimension to cryptocurrencies, and that’s why they are exploding in popularity. As new cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin add more perspective to the utility factor of digital currencies, the sky doesn’t seem like enough anymore. Growing from getting listed on crypto exchanges as simple tokens to becoming DeFi ecosystems with play-to-earn games, a metaverse, and other interactive features, Big Eyes Coin looks all set to rule the roost in the years to come.

If you’re yet to join the frenzy, the time is now! Purchase BIG tokens in Stage 14 at a Stage 3 price of $0.00017 before it jumps to $0.0006 at the launch on June 15. If a 300% ROI doesn’t excite you, what else will?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/
Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BigEyesCoin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEyesCoin

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