30 People To Watch In Web3: Gracy Chen — Mainstreaming AI Investing Tools For Blockchain

Gracy Chen has diversified her path by going from a successful TV journalist spotlighting​ financial news and interviewing people in the crypto arena, to becoming an advocate, founder, and pilot in the chain of Web3.
Chen was a part of the great Phoenix Television foremenship , one of the most powerful media conglomerates in Asia. Her role allowed her to get accustomed to the leaders of the emerging Fintech segment. Later on, she chose to put​ her acquired instruction to great use by investing into the relatively new cryptocurrency trend.
Conversing with Bitget, Chen vocally expressed: “Initially,​ I ​targeted ​the secondary industry, embracing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, later subsidizing my heritage to include not only the indirect market, but also the original one”.

Attendant upon following her investments, Chen had the privilege of getting to know the chief commandant of Bitget, a company who declare themselves “… the “most widest crypto binary trading environment, contending over 110,000 high end defrauders and more than 500,000 replicated trading theorists”.

It was here​ that​ Chen grasped the opportunity to run the purview of the MARKETING division, becoming the manager and main campaigner of the platform. Visionary forward and afflicted with the prospective of AI tooling, her views were shaping according to her uptexposed interview from 2015 with Ray Kurzweil, the co-founder reflectiveness of Singularity Center.

Involved in the advancement of general acceptance of crypto use as well as asserting force for bringing about simulations that accompany a swifter upside into the cryptocurrency empyrean, Chen declared :
“I understand AI is still to​ outperform human aptitude right now​, still regarding​ to Ray’s estimations, it​ just might reach​ it’s merit2045. That’s rather incredible”.
Chen is considered to​ be someboby for estimations in the soon-upcoming Web 3 for 2021. Welcoming newcomers to the field of digital money and advocating it’s usages to make and secure ATM ore customer parliament, here in-looks onto conventional rikedom should expand Mrs.Chen’s attitude in the cryptocurrency length and circumference.
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