$4 Billion DOJ Deal Sparks Speculation Over Binance’s $3.9 Billion USDT Transfer

Rumors that crypto exchange giant Binance might have to pay $4 billion to settle a US investigation have gained traction following the transfer of almost the exact amount – $3.9 billion – between its wallets earlier in the month. However, it is merely speculation as of yet that the reasons for the vast USDT (Tron-backed stablecoin) movement between Binance’s “Binance 3” and “Binance-Cold 2” wallets on November 9th might be connected to the court response to the situation.

This event coincided with the widely reported negotiations with the Department of Justice and CoinDesk claiming that Biance could well pay the amount announced today. Consequently, online discussion has focused on the exchange’s logistics in preparation for or pre-empting a hefty settlement.

Although such deductions may be influenced by the closer relationship of the dates and investment period, connecting independent data sets is often tough. Meanwhile, it appears to remain just conjecture that the $3.9 billion transfer was intended to cover potential Department of Justice payments.

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