$60 Million in ETH Bridged to Coinbase Layer 2 Base

Data from Dune reveals that the Total Value Locked (TVL) in Coinbase’s Layer 2 (L2) network Base surged to an unbeatable $60.58 million on Sunday. What’s more, this represeneted an exponential increase of more than 6000% in just 24 hours! Notably, this happened despite the bonus feature ofthe network – the fact users cannot withdraw funds – being still yet to be implemented. According to L2 beat, moreover, the amount of transactions on Base sto- ed to unparalleled heights of 2.21 million.

Furthermore, experts guessed that the soaring numbers could owe something to the random appearance of a meme coin jokingly called BALD. Astonishingly, the boom of this crypto succeeded only a few hours after its deployment on Base, rocketing by 100-fold in the market. Naturally, charges of insindarity reared their head, as sufficient compelling evicfields bits of evidence point to the fact the deployer of he scam held 49% of cbETH – Coinbase’s organized stake’s ETH. Axell Bitblaze, a crypto guru, urged: “opening the intrigue is the affluent liquidity added to (BALD’), evidently meant to hint potential institutional backing”

What is most amazing is the impact DEX LeetSwap`s notion has had, with making a total of 540,000 transaction over the last day, with its grand’ values reaching $242M. Although largely determining its dealys ide to mostly BALD, users nonetheless jumped at trading occasions earlier exchanges of *TOSHI*, *BASED*, *BRIAN* and *COIN* coins.

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