‘99% Of The Industry Needs To Burn To The Ground’: Custodia Bank CEO Caitlin Long On Crypto Landscape

Caitlin Long, CEO of Custodia Bank, issues an ominous statement while appearing in the latest episode of “The Raz Report”: “99% of the industry needs to burn to the ground”. In conversation with Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick, Long offered insights into the particular parallels with the tech stock bubble of 1999. Considering this current crypto sphere, she remarked, “We were debating whether 90% or 99% of the industry, even still, needs to burn to the ground. There’s a lot of crap here.” Moreover, the effective leader pointed out that “what built up was a giant circular leverage bubble”, which penetrated quite far into some financial circles.

The negative implications of the current crypto sphere were further articulated as Long remarked, “It will not succeed, and it needs to be flushed, but markets are flushing it.” The US regulatory backdrop was recognized within the conversation, demonstrating that “what’s happened is the regulators in the United States threw the baby out with the bathwater.” As a noted leader within the crypto sector, Long reflects the significance of this growing industry at this modernizing occasion. Uncover an array of significant insights at her keynote at Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets conference in New York on Nov. 14. Seats are filled fast, Book your spot now, and

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