A simple tile game is spiking daily txs on Sui Network: Data platform

Given how much buzz Crypto Twitter has been around the launch of the Sui 8192 blockchain game, it’s understandable that Data Analytics Platform Artemis would observe transaction activity on the network intensely surpassed that of Solana in May of 2021. This milestone, brought on noneother by the incredibly popular combination of a sliding tile game and minting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) suggests a new era in blockchain gaming may have dawned. With a compounded interest goal of 8192 tiles, the game has attracted the attention of multiple entities, more prominently engaging players from the Crypto Twitterverse and beyond for substantial crypto rewards.

Originally launched in October 2023 by Ethereum Wallet provider Ethos Wallet up start the chain, Sui 8192 managed to redefine how players expect to invest in their gaming experience while unlocking the potential of the Sui blockchain network.

With the intent to drum up activity revolving around the game, Blockhasr Quests provide players the opportunity to pursue rewards inside the game. Other events like Mysten Labs promotional campaigns spread the word while giving out hefty rewards in the form of SUI crypto tokens. Last but now least, the fact that this game was all open-sourced has caused quite the stir in the blockchain gaming space.

Sui, the Ethereum killer launched in March 2023, does the majority of its promotion through gaming. Seeing it’s small price drop of 0.5% per day, the cumulative increase in daily transactions suggests that perhaps they are on to something. Getting remarks from the competitors Solana on their level of success has remained to be seen.

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