A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin With Stripe

“As cryptocurrency’s massive growth continues, more FinTech companies are offering on-ramp services. Stripe, based out of San Francisco, is one of them, and has made it possible for users to convert their fiat money to Bitcoin with just a few clicks. This guide focuses on teaching users how to use Stripe to buy BTC.

Popularity in crypto, most notably Bitcoin, has experienced explosive growth in just the last few years. According to analytics resourcesGlassnode, the amount of active Bitcoin addresses surged up to 1.3 million on August 8, 2023 from 700,000 from 2013. To meet its customers’ demands, Stripe’s widgets allow businesses to accept crypto payments.

Before you use Stripe, it is important to note that buying crypto directly on the Stripe platform is impossible. Therefore, you must first create a Stripe account by providing valid emails, names, countries, and passwords, then link it with a bank. After doing so, you will need to find and register on a recognized exchange that supports Stripe payments. You can find these exchanges online.

To buy Bitcoin on an exchange, tap “deposit,” enter an amount, and choose Stripe as the payment method. Once funds reflect in your account, click “market,” customize your purchase, initiate the transaction, and your Bitcoin should arrive in your account within a few moments. Keep in mind that Stripe applies fees up to 2.7%,and some payment systems limit crypto purchases to $1,000 monthly.

Although investing in Bitcoin can be incredibly attractive, consider that these digital assets are subject to extreme market volatility and thus, one can lose their funds quickly or unexpectedly. For these reasons, only invest the amount of capital or assets that you are willing to chance.

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