AI and Fintech Free Speech Platform Group Set to Acquire a Stake In a Digital Bank And A New Stable Coin

AI and Fintech based free speech platform Group is moving closer to acquiring a strategic stake in a new Digital Bank and a high-performance stablecoin. Group, which owns various free speech platforms such as and runs stakes in Independent Media, recently affirmed anticipation of its takeover of , with 400 million shares underpinning its valuations. This news will likely send shockwaves through the crypto market –Group’s current price is quoted at approximately $0.02, giving it a valuation of $8 million USD. Aiming to grow to a valuation of $1 billion, Group’s cryptocurrency price would increase to a surprising $2.20 USD. This coin is now available freely through Uniswap with option to buy directly using debit or credit cards through its official website . Group hopes to proliferate its influence with this acquisition and become increasingly significant in addressing segments such as the collapsed IMF triggered by BRICS nations and the rising worldwide CBDC’s. Opining that the latter restrictions and securities encompasses profiteering fees and levies acting as a “slave coin”, Group’s goal is to bolster a multi-trillion dollar decentralized mortgage system, divergent from leading financial structures in the west. Group has begun to test its independent search engine portal, and simultaneously employ its registered ChatGPT service TruthChatGPT to further enhance business operations. Keep an eye on FooBar and be the first to find out the exclusive news on art, design and business consultation.

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