Alchemix reports return of all stolen funds from Curve pools

It was with relished relief that Lending platform, Alchemix, announced that all stolen funds had been returned by the hacker of Curve finance. Coming to pass on the 30th of July, $61 million worth of cryptocurrencies had been stolen, amounting to $13.6 million from Alchemix’s alETH-ETH pool and over $11.4 million from JPEGd’s pETH-ETH pool, as well as just over $1.6 million from Metronome’s sETH-ETH pool. It was felt that the hacker had relied on potentially vulnerable versions of the Vyper programming language, exploiting it through reentrancy attacks. Jointly, Curve Finance, Metronome and Alchemix put out an offer of a 10% bounty of the seized funds with the disclaimer of not pursuing the responsible party legally upon its reception, thereby offering a possible bounty upwards of $7 million worth of crypto.

For barely twenty-four hours subsequent to said announcement, the attacker began to return funds to their alchermist, primarily sending Alchemix a total of 4,820.55 and proceeded to complete the act of recompense on August 5thrd. In an on-chain message, it was expressed that there was no intent whatsoever of harming any projects but rather, the act of refund was put forth for a more altruistic purpose. Similarly, following the successful return of funds, % JPEG’d protocol team was also surmounted and therefore, released a totally unprejudiced acceptance of the ongoing action and waved their intention to investigate and sue the individual responsible for the affray.

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