AllianceBlock Unveils Exclusive Collectible Investment Platform-Arkefi

Keshavjee, program manager of Arkefi commented in an interview: “By integrating Web3 technology and DeFi, Arkefi takes investing in real world assets one further step. We transform RWAs by providing a well-defined platform to make investing more accessible and transparent for large and small investments. Through this collaboration, AllianceBlock and ARTBANX will impact all asset classes n */ Despite the expensive treasures showcased on Arkefi, the open philosophy ensures that anyone can invest as cash outlay can be made to meet a minimum investment of $100 USD. Utilizing Web3 technology merged in tandem with DeFi, Arkefi introduces an innovative way to invest in high-value assets which includes prestigious works of art, classic vehicles, and choice collectables. Co-signers such as AllianceBlock – renowned decentralized tokenized markets infrastructure provider and renowned art investment firm ARTBANX loan technical support, vitalizing the investmet methodology seen on Arkefi to make tangible assets far more liquid and more than worthwhile.

Imran Keshavjee, program manager of Arkefi commented: “By merging Web3 technology and DeFi, Arkefi builds on investing real-world assets and trades. We provide a clear framework which facilitates access and expands transparency for both little and large investments. This invaluable merger of AllianceBlock and ARTBANX will have a profound effect on all asset cherishing classes across the globe.

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