Amazon Invests $120 Million In Internet Satellite Facility

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Amazon said Friday it will invest $120 million to build satellite construction facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, as a part its project ‘Kuiper’- aiming to provide “fast, affordable broadband to unserved and underserved communities around the world.” As the first private company to make a space venture, it plans to deploy a satellite constellation of more than 3,200 Low Earth orbit units, while its space rival, SpaceX, has began launching the first batches of its 3,700 satellites as part of its Starlink concept.

In addition, other participators in this emerging sector have also paved their own path – China plans to launch 13,000 satellites, Canada’s Telesat will add 300 and German startup Rivada is eyeing 600; further competing with the European Union’s Iris project – containing earth 170 satellites – and the 300-500 to be deployed by the U.S. military. Ready to join the rush? Sign up to our IBTimesUK newsletter and never miss out on the SpaceX updates, emerging space low-earth orbit market players, or the latest news on Amazon’s spaces initiative.

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