Amid Bullish Signals, Analyst Pinpoints Key XRP Resistance and Support Levels To Watch

Despite on-going consolidation, the digital asset majorly distributed by Ripple, XRP, has shown tendencies of bullishness, according to crypto analyst WallStreetBulls. Significant support and resistance levels must be monitored, as pinpointed by the analyst, for XRP’s potential price surge. By utilizing the technical analysis tool of green arrows for help in its identification, WallStreetBulls suggested that XRP might be on its way towards bullish territory. For the sustained bullish trend to endure, XRP has to break its aforementioned pivotal resistance levels of $1.08274, $0.96644, and $0.89124. Having encountered them just recently in the wake of the noteworthy jump priced in on July 13th, triggered by Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling, these price levels require need to be risen above.

The professional investor also laid out crucial contingency support levels to be taken into consideration when it comes to potential downtrends. These 3 levels, last observed yesterday, sit at $0.70410, $0.59216, and $0.51296. They are viewed as potential buffers for the currency towards a bearish course.

Additionally, WallStreetBulls found a pivotal pivotal price point of note for XRP at the rate of $0.77930 – a possible turning in a downtrend, inspired by the asset’s previous high, low, and closing quotes. Bibliography was made with the aid of the Bollinger Bands indicator, widely used in the mapping of credit volatility. The lower boundary looms at $0.52516, while the upper should be located at $0.61347. According to a resident from US’s Peninsula State, the opposition could hopefully die down at $0.73, base on some recent behaviours of the currency. WallStreetBulls admitted that there are varying charts in the eyes of any experienced dealers, whilst emphasizing the importance to remain vigilant in the evaluation of mannerisms in the exchange.

XRP currently costing slightly less $0.70 than the previous day, but still outside the understood overbought area, might yearn to rally. After slipping from $0.743, four days ago, XRP still manages reflect bullish potentials.

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