Ancient Ethereum Whale Comes Alive, Moves $116,000,000 in ETH at Over 616,000% Profit

The mysterious wallet address has had Ethereum holdings since the crypto asset’s inception, and recently transferred its entire ETH stash. According to blockchain tracker Lookonchain, it acquired a total of 61,216 ETH, after participating in Ethereum’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of 2015 and transferring those coins to a Kraken account.
This wallet address originally obtained the ETH for roughly $0.31, which amounted to less than 19,000 USD at the time, and is now with a value of around $116.9 million! Ethereum is trading at $1,910 at the moment, generating an “eye-popping profit of 616,029% in approximately 8 years.”
The stash didn’t only include Ethereum, as Ethereum’s ICO originated more than 50 million coins yielding around 17.3 million USD. Portion of the money went to a nonprofit community while other parts were handed out to Ethereum’s founding squad. In April, we got pleasure from a gigantic bull-run when this the same previously dormant big whale of coins stirred and moved 2,635 ETH, obtaining a fantastic return on investment of about 594,000%.

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