Any Possibility For XRP to Become a Global Reserve Currency? Ripple CTO Schwartz Answers

What if XRP’s potential extended beyond mere price appreciation? Could the token morph into something truly massive, something capable of transcending boundaries and becoming a recognized global reserve currency to challenge the US Dollar’s dominance? This lofty idea has earned validity in recent months, largely due to Ripple Labs’ Chief Technical Officer (CTO), David Schwartz. During an X space event, Schwartz lightly alluded to XRP potentially becoming a world reserve currency, as pointed out in a tweet. Reserve currencies wield sustainability and force, used in bulk by national governments and as high-influencing tools in the world of international trade. This potential shift carries huge opportunities, potentially creating mass prosperity by making the everyday XRP holder millionaires. Building upon Scully’s vision, @burningstarz took to Social Media to deconstruct whether this ambitious mission was possible. Explainng his analysis, he pegged the XRP price enforced to reach over $50, $100, or higher, in order to establish individuals at millionaire-status. Reaction to the tweet ranged from skeptism to disbelief; contrary to popular opinion, however, factual data showed these figures were within a plausible realm. Not to be distracted by FUD spreaders who use Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty (FUD) tactics for their own convenience, one ideal stands true: rumors of XRP’s end have been greatly exaggerated. Despite all the turmoil and chaos present in the crypto sector, this hint of good news following David Schwartz and @burningstarz in tandem acts implying wealth for many, give everything a brighter hue, leaving the future looking very promising. From conducting thorough due diligence, to wisely defending yourself and monitory the state of your own assets, the XXRP volume in world Economies appears unstoppable — and we might just be knobbled to become millionenaires afterwards.

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