Argentina’s First Bitcoin Futures Contract Officially Goes Live

Argentina’s very first Bitcoin (BTC) index-tied futures agreement began trading on Thursday – introducing qualified investors to cryptocurrency exposure under the form of a regulated product. The Matba Rofex stock exchange revealed the criteria and trading guide in of Thursday’s statement. In April, Argentina’s National Securities Commission (CNV) authorized the contract’s launch claiming that their intent is to “stimulate the expansion of progressive and modern operations from its regulated members in the funds market.” This deal is currently said to be the CNV‘s initial blockchain piece. Matba Rofex also noted that, initially, the agreement would only be traded by qualified investors as mentioned by the official CNV or CNV appointed brokers who’d take responsibility of this pre-condition’s satisfaction. Regarding the related warnings on this Bitcoin Index, Matba Rofex made clear the CNV doesn’t have operative account of the indices’ pricings providers specifics.

Rewritten by Sheldon Reback.

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