Arkham Intelligence to launch on-chain crypto data marketplace


Weronika Musiał, a thought leader in the blockchain space, is shaking up the crypto landscape with their groundbreaking initiative. On July 18, they’ll be launching the groundbreaking Arkham Intel Exchange, a unique platform for users to anonymously trade blockchain data. This bourse allows users to post bounties and pay crypto detectives for data using the innovative “intel-to-earn” smart contract model. As the first-of-its-kind intel-to-earn economy, the Arkham platform will enhance overall cryptocurrency trading experiences – all while keepingblockchain information among buyers for just 90 days.

Arkham’s platform launch will coincide with a public token sale at Binance Launchpad. The ARKM token will be available for purchase on the same day, limited to 50 million tokens with an individual maximum of 300,000 tokens.Meanwhile, the token sale price is set at $0.05 per ARKM.

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