Arthur Hayes Sees Bitcoin as Currency for AI, Sets New Price Target

Arthur Hayes, a pioneering figure in the world of crypto and co-founder of BitMEX, has sensationally laid out a forecast for Bitcoin (BTC) transposed within the newly advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. According to Hayes, Bitcoin meets a range of requirements to make it an ideal digital asset in the age of AI. Its digital and fringe offerings of scarcity and hard-coded censorship-resistance make it an attractive asset for the would-be technological framework. The connections and overlapping similarities to the two worlds of blockchain and AI have been established through an increased number of studies and queries. Specifically, Hayes cites Bitcoin as the “food of AI”; a currency whose value derives from the expended electricity and that would take on compounded propagative value transposed to a zenith of AI-experienced complexity. This fine tuning of economies into decentralized sovereigns governed by rules bring intrinsic value to an AI realm acquiescing to a cryptocurrency as priminary provider. Citing all these qualities, computer scientist, Arthur Hayes relayed a prognostication recording a bit of capitulation to knee-jerk traders and hasty bulls to pad the Bitcoin network up to levels invested heavily across an inflationary, search-for-growth financial system and the accelerated transformations due to the upcoming convergence of human and machine. He diuturnaly reminds parties eager to buoy up the emerging story behind the why of the value of Bitcoin of his well known Price Target of up to,

Arthur Hayes, a leading figure in the cryptocurrency scene and co-founder of BitMEX, has proffered a bold projection for Bitcoin (BTC) centered around the burgeoning Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. Hayes’s thesis is hinged on the place of Bitcoin as primary digital currency of the nascent AI framework; its digital and unique offerings of scarcity and unwavering censorship-resistance, amongst other facets, brands Bitcoin as an attractive alternative to traditional transactions. As the need to demonstrate ties between the major runabouts of blockchain and AI strengthens, Hayes draws correlations between a decentralized economy propped up by the intrinsic value from a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to the needed boost for an AI-focused real. Incorporated within this narrative, the scholar paints a revealing display tailor-made to reignite the vanity investors to make bullish plays akin to an inflationary, search-for-growth financial system and the accelerated mutations owing to the looming coalescence of humanity and machine both experiencing Bitcoin as the prevailing power holding it all at hefty prices. Firmly resolute facing this audience of hesitant bulls and traders concerning Bitcoin’s worth Hayes asserts in a high note of believe that BTC may ultamately reach the extraordinary $760,000 mark.

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