Bankman-Fried’s Defense Lawyer Breaks Silence: “Almost Impossible” Case and Unheeded Advice

Mustafa has been an avid enthusiast when it comes to exploring the labyrinth that is Fintech and Blockchain for many years. Since 2017, the expert has been busy making waves in the industry and has also gained serious trading experience as a result. David Mills, the lawyer for Sam Bankman-Fried, admits that it was a tall order from the word go to try and win his client’s criminal trial. The damning testimonies they received from accusing ex-associates and minimal compliance to legal advice from the FTX founder are purportedly what produced the most hindrances to their strategies. The lawyer specified that perhaps an alternative approach might have featured objecting to the charges levelled against Bankman-Fried’s good quarterly championships but acknowledge the allegations of the witness as ruefully true. The long and short of it is,visory is bounded legal challenges as making a foolproof brush all look a near impossible feat.

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