Based on Judge Torres Ruling Pattern, Top Lawyer Predicts New End-Date for XRP Lawsuit

Members of the XRP community have been hanging onto the edge of their seats awaiting Judge Torres’ decision in the prolonged SEC vs. Ripple dispute. Much to their surprise, despite the long passage of time since the final summary judgment statements in December 2022, a ruling has yet to be released. Amid speculations and predictions, Attorney Fred Rispoli poured in his good measure of expertise to forecast when the XRP community can hold their breath no more, and how it could possible decide the favorable future of Ripple.

Rispoli gathered key statistical information from Judge Torres’ rulings on summary judgments, to find out that the defendants most commonly- a 37% success ratio- emerge victorious from a summary judgement, as opposed to the plaintiff’s success ratio standing meters down at 24%. More calculations regarding the timing of the judgments put the August 10, 2023 as the highly likely date, providing the Judge took roughly 249 days to arrive at the decisions, from the day of the initial filings on September 17, 2022.

Members of the XRP community are experiencing varied and complex emotions of excitation and stress, due to this recently revealed predication, as widely contemplated in the cryptocurrency world. As the magnitude of this probable ratification for Ripple cannot be disregarded, all now look upto the date the judge set for August 10, 2023 as one that can alter the crypto marketlandscape.

Rispoli fabulously ironed out the statistics with humour, deeming a victory for Ripple bestowed on this date as the greatest gift he could possibly receive for his baptism day, and on contrary the anxiety if the verdict turns sour. Attorneys globally accept him as one of the most astutest when it boils down to cryptocurrency related cases, by specially considering the current verdict.

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