Ben Armstrong (Bitboy) Assesses the Likelihood of Cardano (ADA) Hitting $10 or $100

Prominent crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong recently looked into Cardano (ADA), a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, in an expansive video update. Armstrong’s review included information about the newly launched Mithril system within the Cardano chain. The purpose of Mithril is to expedite the synchronization process necessary for nodes to connect to the blockchain. Due to the boosted speed, users experience improved efficiency of use on the Cardano network.

The focus then shifted in Armstrong’s video to the unexplored price potential of Cardano (ADA). The influencer was realistic, stating that even reaching $10 would be a challenge – let alone the extravagant $100. To get to the predicted amount would require an incredible 32,260% appreciation – something unrecognizable in today’s market setting. A break in these odds can be found, however, if hyperinflation were to take hold, thus decreasing the value of the US dollar. Although this is not a direct sign of growth for Cardano, it can assist in achieving their valued $100 goal.

The idea of a Cardano (ADA) rally was also addressed and established by another well-known specialist in the business, Dan Gambardello. Crypto Capital Venture’s CEO compared Cardano with Ethereum and Total Value Locked (TVL) information. He hypothesized that in a crypto bull market, his research revealed enough details about smaller currencies, like Cardano, to manifest a substantial surge. Gambardello further compared Cardano’s $179 million TVL rate existing alongside Ethereum’s $400 million when ETH recently surged to $108 billion – arousing expectations of a blooming burst for Cardano too.

All connected opinions about potential increases to Cardano lead to one common takeaway – buyers should evaluate the credibility of their research thoroughly as careful facts are necessary in a thriving market.

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