BetFury drops $1,000,000 for its 4th Anniversary celebration


BetFury turns 4 and plans to reveal a whole spectrum of surprises. There will be three amazing presentations that will take the users to a world of excellent opportunities and large rewards. For starters, BetFury has prepared to shower the audience with $1,000,000 in prizes as part of the Birthday Drop event, scheduled for October 31st. Moreover, the first 500 users to enter the promotional code ‘BIRTHDAY’ before November 9th will get 1,000 BFGs.

This crypto gambling hub, which has reside in the hearts of over 2.2 million casino players and blockchain fans from around the world, paid out over $33.3 million in bonuses and $6.4 billion in bets as of this day. In addition to surname race options, users can take advantage of their Rank 1 privileges and refer bonus programs that come with considerable perks.

BetFury odds for nearly 80+ sports and up to 8,000 slot machines beat those in the market average and are backed up by its extraordinary return-to-player ratio (RTP) of up to 99.02%. As a bonus, the platform willingly ironed out various Rakback, Cashback and other opportunities on bets. Adding savory layers of limited native BFG tokens that introduce announcing client activities and incentivizing five on the blockchain markets, the participants get access to the starter bonuses and seconding bonuses generated by the exchange pools.

BetFury is an unmatched modernization of the gambling industry. With over 55,000 holders and 3 billion BFGcurrency, it gives stronger guarantees to those lookingfor a perfect harmonic balance between Trade&High Rewards imaginable. Feel strengthed by state-of-the-art protections ofNatureming Distribution where BFG coins are traded

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