Biden admin sanctions multimillion-dollar China-based network involved in trafficking of fentanyl, drugs

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed crippling sanctions this week on a Chinese-based network and their affiliates — totaling over two dozen individuals and entities — over their involvement in the international trafficking of illicit drugs, such as fentanyl and other powerful substances. Treasury reports that crypto currency transactions alone reached into millions of dollars.

The extreme measures come as the Biden Administration officials are bracing for the migrant surge overflowing at shelters at the Texas-Mexico border. The US attorneys for Districts of Southern and Middle Florida estimate that in this fiscal year, US Border Patrol seized enough fentanyl to end the lives of every American.

Additionally, White House recently announced an additional $450 million in funding to combat the opioid epidemic.

“Today’s action from OFAC and IRS-CI reflects how we will swiftly use all of our tools to counter the global threat posed by the illicit drug trade,” Wallace Adeyemo of the Treasury Department said in a statement on Tuesday. “The blocked wallets received millions of dollars over hundreds of deposits.”

Unprecedented steps have been taken to expose and disrupt narcotics networks, clashing with the powerful Video Cartels accused of taking advantage of open borders for their transportation. US DEA’s office in Houston divulged information that behind powerful drugs lie insidious substances like xylazine, a powerful sedative for veterinary use that is cheaper and can lead to necrosis and even amputations.”,

FOX News correspondent Griff Jenkins reported from this journey, sharing startling facts through his investigation. Additionally, U.S. attorneys from the Southern District of Florida and the Middle District of Florida are indicting individuals linked to the narco-network. The sanctions include prohibiting the individuals from using the U.S. financial system in addition to hindering U.S. citizens from transacting with them, effective immediately.

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