Biden Launches ‘Climate Corps’ For Green Jobs

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US President Joe Biden has launched the “Climate Corps” on Wednesday to create green jobs and fresher angle towards creating a clean energy economy; the scheme set to train 20,000 young people as part of its Plymouth reduction act.

What does the Climate Corps mission entail?

The aim in training for the “good paying jobs” is to “mobilize the next generation of clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience workers.” As part of this mission, Biden polls on X platforms to amplify the vision of secure economic future through green jobs.

Echoing Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s?

The propulsion of the Climate Corps identifies stark similarity and take extract from former US president’s Franklin D. Roosevelt “New Deal” – an infrastructure project, managed over five years, which got unemployed young men involved into mandated “reforestation and dam-building” works.

Though making strategic gestures of building green jobs held backing from few environmental power-players like “Evergreen group“, anti-fossil fuels activists dissed the individual initiative recommending it against Biden slogans (popping around in New York UN session ) as “not enough on fighting the climate crisis.”

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