Binance CEO Says An Individual Is ‘Constantly Spreading FUD’ Because ‘We Didn’t Invest In His Project’

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance , took to Twitter to clarify the FUD controversies and understanding behind speculated layoffs. The individual responsible simply had a project to pitch to Binance Labs and wasn’t granted the investment. CZ challenged prior reports suggesting significant layoffs of the world’s largest crypto exchange, citing legal challenges with U.S. authorities. The Wall Street Journal quoted numbers of 1, 000 staff while former employees suggested customer support teams taking the heaviest blow. Earlier reports also stated 3, 000 of workforce being laid off — near half of total.

What consequence do these events hold? The future of cryptocurrency is constantly growing – even with present-day uncertainty. Recently analysts predict a potential $50k level for king crypto and with the Benzinga’s Future of Crypto in NYC on Nov.14 2023, a priority for institutions and governments to secure early bird ticketing is available now.

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