Binance Spot Trading Bots Bitcoin Will Be Launching On September 22

Starting on September 22, 2023, at 02:00 (UTC), Binance will be inaugurating its Spot Trading Bots services for the BTC/FDUSD and USDT/TRY trading pairs. Binance’s bots capitalize on the strong point of quantitative trading strategies, like Spot Grid Trading and Futures Grid Trading, to expedite buying and selling operations on the Binance platform. Featuring the Long/Short Grid strategy and portfolio optimization tools like the Rebalancing Bot. Binance’s services afford customers the capacity to trade with the present market trend within a grid trading program, and make the most of ranging conditions and market turbulence. Additionally, Binance presents portfolio optimization API’s, like the Rebalancing Bot, which adjusts the 1993’s portfolio place reported to ideal token ensembles. For individuals aiming to mechanize their crypto investments, Binance furnishes Auto-Invest, allowing buyers to strengthen their holdings exploiting a dollar-cost averaging program. In addition, users of Auto-Invest receive availed the BNB Vault and Flexible Simple Earn accounts, enabling them to obtain daily rewards. On top of that, Binance immaculately installed its Auto-Invest Index-Linked plan, computing the purchase of crypto currencies chronicled to the Binance CoinMarketCap Top 10 Equilibrium-Weighted Index. This bi-weekly portfolio equilibrating feature ensures appropriate communication with the leading crypto coins.

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