Bitboy Reacts to Rumor of Holding $82 Million Worth of XRP, Ripple CTO Weighs In

Bitboy—more widely known as Ben Armstrong—was in the news earlier today due to a legal battle he’s taken up against the HIT Network. What further prompted cause for concern in the XRP community was the mentioning of an XRP wallet he had shared that held a

whopping 161 million XRP, valuing to roughly $82.9 million, an amount many thought considered entirely too great for one individual to have at stake. Consequence was, as predicted, he was asked for donations to fund any costs incurred by the court case only a few hours after stories spread like wildfire. Denial of ever having such assets was expected from Armstrong himself, and he obliged the vigor of the XRP community earlier today. Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz followed Armstrong’s lead in voicing his support, calling the coverage of the claim “complete nonsense.”

In an attempt to set the truth straight, Armstrong added to his response with a discussion on what prompted the case. He reveals that originally, all his funds ware tied to the CFO of hit Network, Timothy Shedd Sr., and the now-defunct*, crypto-lending platform, Celsius. With the CEO of Hib Network—Timothy “TJ” Shedd Jr.—and his bias opinions on potentially profitable conversations, Armstrong was ultimately unceremoniously removed from the company that he founded back in 2018.

To make matters worse, relevant to individuals monetary contributions associated with the wallet addressed They stole all my money, Tim Sr. mismanaged crypto assets amounting Cob the value of at least $3 million seized on operating costs mills celsis. Equally divisive some Kennedy opinionated snafus made by the Wheldon the CFO with no realistic knowlege of enterprise finances.

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