Bitcoin Core Dev Warns Of “All Your Mempool Are Belong To Us” Attack, Steps Down From Lightning Network

The scrutiny of the Lightning Network, a scalability solution for Bitcoin BTC/USD, has noticeably intensified due to a collection of vulnerabilities highlighted by Antoine Riard, an open-source Bitcoin and Lightning developer. Among these exposures are CVE-2023-40231, CVE-2023-40232, CVE-2023-40233 and CVE-2023-40234, all termed by Riard as ‘All your mempool are belong to us’. In order to fix the issues, substantive modifications could be necessary on Bitcoin’s base layer, such as the integration of a memory-intensive record of every trade or a consensus pseudo-betain to Network Discussion of the Linux Foundation.

In accompaniment with aforementioned alertness, Antoine Riard is understood to have decided to get out of authoritative the heights of Lightning Network implementations. Not surprisingly, present on numerous web networks is Riard’s resolution conjointly with the possibility that the discovered imperfections may have nourished his prescript. Practically speaking, he will be versioning from any conversation mails over vulnerabilities until 30 Oct and work primarily on Bitcoinkernel compounds afterward.

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