Bitcoin Could Quickly Jump to $30,000 and Beyond if Key BTC Holders Sustain Emerging Trend, Says Santiment

The cryptocurrency monarch could soon exceed the $30,000 mark in coming days, provided hodlers afford uninterrupted enthusiasm for swapping more stablecoins into Bitcoin, as Santiment predicts. Latest data from the market intelligence scientists allude to the emergence of whales seeing benefits to stealing funds out of stablecoins for the apex crytocurrency. It goes on to conclude that whale investors are also amassing large amounts of the premier digital asset.

The analytics branch of Santiment adds the “Address Activity” is at the most profitable rate it’s been measured in recent months, and yet digital money traders continue sending BTC at a lethal rate.

These circumstances give credence to the fact that Bitcoin will likely appreciate in short term values. Currently at $29,121 around press time as stated by Santiment, Bitcoin has borne a slight dip in a 24-hour period.

Santiment follows this statement after, by splitting its lenses to prominent yet crucially polarizing themes that will be factored in the matrix to determine which trajectory digital currency will take. For instance, investors should at least factor in the recent performance of Litecoin’s post-halving technology, as well as the activity of the United States Securities Commission (SEC) as they take lawful replacements for indecorous activity stemming from the industry.

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