Bitcoin ETF: SEC Chair’s New Take Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Reporting for BloombergTV, Kailey Leinz approached Gary Gensler, the U.S. SEC Chairman, at a recent meeting about the U.S. Treasury Market in hopes of posing a question to him about spot Bitcoin ETFs. Gensler, however, smartly evaded the subject, replying that the U.S. Treasury Market is much more fare-reaching and consequential in America and the world. He then asked Leinz what her priority should be in her individual approach to reporting, as a way to illustrate that BTC ETFs barely made the list of relevant topics in his opinion. Pointing to his previously stated “educational resources,” Gensler noted that cryptocurrencies have brought serious damage to many investors.

The possibility of Bitcoin ETF innovation had appeared privileged amid discussions with famous institutional investors, such as Grayscale Investments and BlackRock. However, uncertainty now envelops the fate of those applications as the January 8th-10th due date for approvals approaches. Nonetheless, Benjamin Godfrey, a blockchain enthusiast and journalist, firmly upholds the application’s potentiality with hopes of general accessiblity and worldwide integration of cryptocurrencies.

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