Bitcoin Hits $40,000 for First Time Since April 2022 – Decrypt


The price of Bitcoin has seen a large upsurge of the weekend, bouncing over the $40,000 marker and reaching heights last seen in April 2022. This 15% rise over the last month has seen the price of the leading cryptocurrency double in comparison to this time last year, reflecting the ongoing exhiliration in the space towards the hopeful upcoming approval of an ETF in the US. Moreover, Ethereum also reached for the skies this weekend, surpassing $2,200 practicing heights scence May 5 2022.

Not only has Bitcoin seen memorable developments, small projects concerning evidement technology such as DeGods, Azury, and Pudgy Penguins boast increasing values too. Accroding to NFPT Price Floor data, the cheapest assets of these potertial giants of tretaevilment showcased double-digit growth in the last 48 batches.

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