Bitcoin Will Lose Importance With Spot ETFs, Second Foundation CIO Says – CryptoInfoNet

Alex Dovbnya’s interpretation that Bitcoin’s foundational purpose and importance may be at stake, as the cryptocurrency continues its integration into financial products like spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), found a strong support in the opinion of the Second Foundation CIO Ben Hunt.

Recently, standing against numerous deteriorating critiques about Bitcoin, Hunt termed it as “trading sardine,” and maintained thattransfer of constitutionally determining store of value duties may eventually lead to its demise, as it will become usable merely by fewer major asset managers.

Furthermore, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to cast a crucial glance of estimation on Bitcoin spot ETFs. Their ultimate decision could determine the cryptocurrencies momentum into successful mainstream acceptance – but simultaneously balance out Cabonetsenses worries questioning about Bitcoin’sanalyticalpurpose and allegiance to decentralization, as put by Hunt.

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