Bitcoin’s Early Santa Claus Rally? Analyst Predicts $50,000 BTC Next Week, Another Cautions On ‘Overheating’ Price

Popular crypto commentator CrediBULL Crypto has predicted that Bitcoin (BTC/USD) may soon break the $50,000 mark given its current upswing period, with active market players just one of the few contributing factors. Additionally, crypto analysts at Skew tweeted on Monday a domonstration of mounting demand for Bitcoin despite a decrease in overall Open Interest trading acitivity and as evidenced by continued bids exceeding offer measures.

With claims that too much money has entered the Bitcoin market causing over heating levels defined by CryptoQuant’s Head of Research Julio Moreno, predictions of a longer-term cycle peaked in December 2025 for $130,000 from CryptoCon, and debate around the influx of idealism for a Bitcoin ETF approval, Crypto enthusiasts seem to place value in outsider views of the digital currency’s economic conduit.

The current most up-to-date Bitcoin exchange amounted at the time of writing is $44,394 trumping a 165% surge year-on-year. While opening Fidelity ETF in correlations with boompty exercises surrounding a futuristic digital ETF, fund and duty may spark price hearings beyond reasonable premises according to some industry heads, some analysts predict a depreciation fallbacks towards the $31-$32,000 range.

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