Bitcoin’s Hot Streak Abruptly Ends After Jim Cramer Calls It a ‘Marvel’

There’s an ever-recurring catchphrase in cryptocurrency venture circles: Always go with the opposite of anything Jim “Mad Money” Cramer professes. Taking its cue from Cramer’s dismal feats as a prognosticator making predictions, a genuine investments fund referring to itself as “Inverse Cramer” is roaming around in existance. So when we watched classic Cramer attain a rare feat – professedly singing praises on Tuesday morning elaborating his wordx about Bitcoin being still a long way to go in process saying that it’s a “technological Telecommunications magicianry” – it gave wise crypto holders shudders and shuttering sensations as could be discerned in multiple comments made below Bitcoin Magazine’s X publish carrying Cramer’s perilous expressions. One read “Oh My”, another said “our BTC going To Zero” while a far 3 read “It’s Over Boys: FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK”. Nothing worse could hit their circles than this desptie no excessive attention needs to be levied.

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