Bitget Will Give $50,000 To Its Hackathon Winners

Wilfred Michael Last Updated August 16, 2023 @ 21:39

As excitement continues to mount as the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology indefinitely march forward, one imminent event has taken center stage on the radar – the globally anticipated Under 30 Virtual Hackathon, brought to you by Bitget, a leading crypto derivatives exchange. Scheduled between August 12 until September 18, the upcoming gathering promises a wealth of innovation within the realms of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and crypto.

Crucially, the Under 30 Virtual Hackathon is just one piece of the puzzle in Bitget’s bigger scheme of things towards securing a form of long-term future for cryptocurrencies by supporting potential younger generations. And this spirit has been further enshrined by the sizable $50,000 prize pool offering incentive and motivation to the industry’s brightest individuals.

Gracing the event in various forms include sought-after players in the industry, such as Foresight Ventures with Assets Under Management than approach a dazzling $400 million, and HackerEarth – an ambitious project touted for its global development community boasting population of almost 7.6 million across 133 global countries and a crazy 450 universities. All of these resources appeal to provide comprehensive technical care in the event’s actual assembly and the talent search albeit the operations. Plus, Foresight will be greatly supportive in all aspects of funding.

Competitors will be issued three dedicated tasks prioritizing the blending force between blockchain and AI. Subsequently, from trustworthy AI line around infrastructure to backed gaming experiences and partnered by marketplaces driven by AI – overall, the exercises gravitate on cryptocurrency structure further boosted by current practices.

The prize pattern of $10,000 apiece is nicely connected to five winners in tandem: esteemed professionals in the areas of blockchain potential improvement, creative layout, producible quality, design, and customer experience, topped and provisioned with the necessary emotional coverage – courtesy of its talented-globetrotting # Blockchains4Her female category.

Esocketsa writer, I am champing the proverbial bit to witness the mustering of fresh ideas, talent, and everlasting know-know at the forefront of the crypto and blockchain scene. For me, to observe Bitget in action alongside young industry innovators that still eschew typical principles of investing in the public domain is almost unreal. But all things considered, the event itself doesn’t seem so supernatural, especially with your help devising the best ways egress to create equitable financial options.

If you want a piece of the action, you can find further information from the HackerEarth‘s platform.

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