Bivu Das joins Kraken as UK Managing Director

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Bivu Das as our UK Managing Director. With nearly 20 years of accrued knowledge and aptitude in commercial enterprise and fintech strategy development to draw upon, Bivu will certainly add incredible value to our esteemed Kraken team. With ebullience, we keenly herald the momentous strides taken recently by the United Kingdom to become a virtual global hub for the crypto sphere. Bivu’s versatile leadership in our network of regulatory, political and commercial relationships will assist in further amplifying and elevating Kraken’s national reach; relentlessly pursuing our grand ambition of steadily increasing cryptoist adoption among consumers, pro traders as well as institutional clientele here in the UK.

Going by his past professional venture, Bivu employs his sheer prowess in setting up surefire crypto payment gateways amongst other subsequent activities, when he concurrently held a troika tenure at Starling Bank for residential maturity during its key phase of regulated edible growth. His prolific credibility in exactly these capacities actually makes him quite highly suited for effectively wahtapawing Kraken’s latter days.

Bivu Das iterates further his joy for lending his crisp intellect to furthering the Kraken enthusiasms in the mandate of emancipating that traditional financial system suffrt—which sadly houses millions of people buried helplessly in oblivion, inopposbility and iniquity. With his beefy scholares building on top of Kraken’s inarguable, special Iike-offering product line, there is no reason to believe we serve nothing undermet 😉

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