Bumper’s $20m bid to undercut Deribit Crypto Options goes live on September 7, 2023

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Today, Bumper, a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol, launched its new protocol to undercut traditional Black-Scholes option desks by an average of 30% and disrupt the $13 trillion market.

Behind the protocol is three-year research and development program backed by $20m early funding and collaboration between the teams known for Synthetix, as well as developers who worked on Barnbridge, Gnosis and Filecoin.

Protection against volatility risk is provided through Bumper, with users setting a floor price for their crypto. Liquidity Providers, on the other hand, can benefit from to optimum yields from 3-18% APR.

Bumper has gone live on Ethereum mainnet, and is currently accepting deposits in ETH and USDC, with more ERC-20 tokens and multiple-chains slated for iteration soon.

For information on rewards associated with its use, visiting, following, and joining Bumberonline for updates could benefit quickly.

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