Caged Beasts: A New Community Token That Defies Centralized Institutions

Caged Beasts (BEASTS) presents a unique opportunity to tap into the growing pro-decentralization narrative and challenge the dominance of centralized institutions. With a captivating storyline and a vision for growth, Caged Beasts aims to empower its community whilst deftly evading the centralized bodies hindering the crypto industry’s progress. Caged Beasts (BEASTS) is more than just a community token; it metaphorically represents caged liquidity that grows and strengthens over time.

Building on this metaphor, Caged Beasts introduces an enthralling narrative centered around Rabbit 4001, a once-tortured and experimented rabbit who became a mad scientist in his own right. Through the ongoing presale, Rabbit 4001 injects caged animals with mutagens at each stage, causing them to grow and mutate into powerful, bloodthirsty beasts. But these animals aren’t just ordinary creatures. With cybernetics and weaponry enhancements, they transform into Caged Beasts, ready to break their cages, burn down the establishment, and take on the world. Their purpose? To save it or watch it burn.

Just as the locked-up funds represent the potential of the Caged Beasts, starting small but growing stronger with time, this token offers the promise of financial freedom for its holders. Caged Beasts stands out in the crypto industry by dedicating 60% of its tokens to the presale, emphasizing inclusivity and community empowerment. To ensure transparency and build trust, 30% of all presale funds will be locked until the release date. This commitment underscores the team’s dedication to the project’s long-term success and provides investors with confidence in its sustainable growth.

Caged Beasts allocates 25% of its tokens to a marketing wallet to broaden its reach. This investment aims to amplify the project’s visibility and attract more individuals to join the community. By leveraging substantial resources, Caged Beasts seeks to bring decentralized finance to the masses and foster an engaged community that fuels the token’s growth.

The referral scheme introduced by Caged Beasts offers a compelling opportunity for users to benefit from the project’s growth while inviting others to join the community. With the ability to create personal referral codes, participants can earn 20% of the deposited amount (in the currency used for presale deposit) instantly when someone purchases using their code. This instant reward allows for immediate spending or withdrawal. Additionally, investors using a referral code receive an extra 20% in BEASTS tokens, enhancing their holdings. The two-way incentive structure fosters community growth and passive income generation, making the referral scheme an attractive feature for users seeking to capitalize on the rising value of the token.

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