Cameron Winklevoss Gives ‘Final Warning’ to Barry Silbert and Digital Currency Group After Alleged Debt Delinquency

Cameron Winklevoss, the other half of the infamous duo that founded US-based crypto exchange Gemini, has issued the what he dubbed ‘the definitive offer’, to Digital Currency Group head Barry Silbert. Of course, this follows on from the months of payment stalemates and a very public spat on social media outlets between the Winklevii and DCG – the umbrella organisation that coddles the cryptographic lender, already-bankrupt Genesis. Things had escalated the extent that Cameron called for Genesis chapter 11 earlier this year in January. Winklevoss wrote a message on Monday, that not only accused Silbert of committing deceitful tricker but also barred in liquid assets lying at around $1.2 billion from over 232,000 users who signed-up for the blocked Gemini Earn program.

The demand — requiring impulse answer and contract of Silbert before 4pm ET on the 6th July — is stipulated with a never-seen-so-high cost: a $275 million forbearance reimbursement, the first debt tranche stands at $355 million and the second chime back at a whopping $835 million. In concluding, Cameron Winklevoss suggests that should Silbert fail in this eleventh hour drive to reply in time, an exoneration on DCG — and Silbert personally — can be presumed.

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