Canadian Hacker ‘Soup’ Behind Big-Ticket Crypto Scams Exposed

A thorough investigation has unveiled the mastermind behind some of the crypto space’s largest phishing scams ‐ a Canadian hacker going by the pseudonym ‘Soup’ (real name Dan). This individual’s saga of deceit, including remarkably intricate ploys and stolen millions, have shaken the world of digital currency to its core. This year has seen an alarming spike in phishing scams and impersonation attacks, with Soup accused of dominating some of the prominent spaces such as Discord server, with his recent theft of the Crypto Punky 6983 standing as the perfect example.

Soup’s deceptive maneuvers include a Discord Server attack, from which over $220k in crypto assets vanished. Not to mention the $760k fake incentive campaign designed to siphon off data and valuable cryptocurrency assets from the Orbiter Finance Discord community. His cumulated bounty from illegal activity reportedly has gone beyond the million dollar mark. These embezzled funds were employed to purchase unique Roblox digital collectibles.

ZachXBT was initially tasked with uncovering the evil puppeteer within the crypto space and had obtained certain damning information regarding Soup which suggests serious legal repercussions. This unexpected expose also threw light on the ever-dilapsing necessity for appropriate cyber security measures in an unslain realm of digital currencies. The case of Soup leaves no vulnerabilities unknown; that no matter the vastness of the decentralized expanse, all attempts by scammer are fated and calculable.

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