Canadian Teens Committed Multi-million Crypto Theft in Spear Phishing Operation

In a jaw-dropping revelation, two young men hailing from Hamilton, Ontario were accused of stealing more than $4 million in bitcoins (BTC) and ethers (ETH) from a trusting American individual. According to Constable Krista-Lee Ernst from the Hamilton police, the perpetrators, aged 17, used a refined spear phishing attack to deceive their victims and take away an astonishing sum of cryptocurrencies. Unlike the typical phishing assaults, spear phishing is an intricately-targeted form of cyber deception. Cybercriminals often perform thorough research about their targetted victims to craft personalised messages that seem trustworthy. In this case, the two anonymous schemers, utilizing aliases “Felon” and “Gaze”, imitated customer support agents from renowned American crypto exchange, Coinbase. With their menacing campaign cleverly penetrating the victim’s account on the platform, the delinquents enjoyed a total freedom to manipulate an impressive $4.2 million in digital assets stored there. According to official reports, the rogues took some of these coins to buy an esteemed Instagram username dubbed “@zombie”. Post their apprehension, the local authorities retrieived an amount roughly worth approximately $13.4 million. Once the investigation drew to a close, only one out of those two was subjected to charges of possession over $5,000 in stolen property. They possessor of the other portion was subsequently exonerated.

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