Caroline Ellison Reveals that SBF Had US Presidential Aspirations

Sam Bankman-Fried, the controversial creator of the failed cryptocurrency trade FTX, formerly had hopes to one day ascend to become President of the United States. Reports of the pioneer’s ambitions came from Caroline Ellison, his ex-girlfriend who testified against SBF in his fraud trial last week. Though the couple no longer dated, they carried out their working relationship with FTX and Alameda Research until November 2020. Ellison verbalized her convicition that Bankman-Fried shifted billions in customers’ funds to favor Alameda, a step kept unseen by citizens and referees. Collectively, Alameda sequestered almost $14 billion from FTX. Despite partnering with Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison was granted a bonus of $20 million alongside a revenue of $200,000 in 2021 for her credentials in the matter. Former CTO Gary Wang was also subject to interrogation by the court, electoring to concede his fault in combination of Bankman-Fried’s comrade Nishad Singh. Even though multifaceted points on his headed title goal were inconclusive, the problems encompassing his companies now appear unsalvageable as, if convicted, Gary faces an estimated 115 years in prison. Within Ellison’s plea bargain with prosecutors, her affinity with Bankman-Fried’s wrongdoing labels an attempt to summarize his deceptive transffers which warped FTX’s grounds.

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