Caroline Ellison Testimony Is Now Important Evidence In Court

The testimony of Ellison, considered an “insider,” is expected shed light on Bankman-Fried’s true intentions surrounding the transfer of funds from customer accounts to Alameda Research. As the turmoil rises in Sam-Bankman Fried’s criminal trial, the courtroom is preparing for the most consequential testimony of the case – that of Caroline Ellison. Her statement is expected to heavily inform the prosecution’s case by providing a rare insight into the demise of the FTX imperium and the alleged gnarled web of Bankman-Fried’s financial mischief. Co-founder of FTX, Wang, has already testified and confirmed the magnitude of the crypto losses, which tallied in at eight-billion-dollars. His expression corroborated the with loan agreement with Alameda Research as stated, as long as the overall value of Alameda’s portfolio remained positive. Moreover, adding to the complex mix are illuminating details concerning the liquidity of some of Alameda’s Token assets (FTT and SERUM). On tap to divulge further investigating groundwork is Ellison’s recently announced testimonial. Her opinions and revelations surrounding the nefarious events observed throughout the cryptocoin hierarchy are anticipated to ultimately allow justice to take its course in this historic EPS money mapping ordeal.

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