Celo blockchain proposes return to Ethereum ecosystem, transition to L2

with Celo’s layer-2 solution

CLabs, the organization responsible for building the Celo blockchain, is setting its sight on returning to the Ethereum ecosystem. They’re aiming to transition from a standalone EVM-compatible layer-1 network to a second-layer Ethereum solution. According to discussions on Celo’s governance forum, playing the initiative out would incorporate OP Stack as the architecture to become a L2 Ethereum blockchain, factorizing the need of observing resource library composability through updates, making “it easy for Celo developers to use the plentiful range of Ethereum toolings/libraries.

Significant differences in function roles exist between layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains. The former are configured to be automatically revolving, whereas the latter are fashioned to assist the implementation of L1 structures instead ofindividualactions. The migration introduction is said to bring security plus decrease in fuel costsbeingthe expected outcome with the proposition, explicated in that samespacethat “gas payments can actually be a lot lower than in other second-layers.” Demographic targeted will allegedly maintain the same,whilecheerleaders of the CELO token will preserve their control of fundamental contracts by voting proposed changes through governance looks. Similarly, ether feuing of gas bills proceedexisting as well, when cashed by the CELO cryptogenic currency.

Although coming out as primarily communicative, the transformation couldimpactsedentary and catalyzedependentecosystem in several different ways. These comprisescountenancedliquidity being allowed to flow inbetween, Celo and other third-party networks with smallexpensesincurred on the data optionsorwith addingfreight tp gas payment allocation in Ethereum. Validators recompense relation with rewards should not be touched either, but still awaits official confirmation. Distinctfinalexecutediligencein this mediacontainsbeen attemptedas manifestiary a physicalchoiceto up the usefulness in using Celo on handheld devices, reminiscentdevelopingeconomieswhere technological solutions for paymentsholdingare highdemand.

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