Chinese Tourists Get VIP Welcome In Thailand As Visa-free Travel Begins

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Chinese Tourists Get VIP Welcome in Thailand as Visa-Free Travel Begins

By AFP News 09/25/23 AT 4:55 AM EDT

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Chinese tourists received a personal welcome from the Thai Prime Minister Monday as they arrived in Bangkok under a new visa-free scheme the government hopes will give the kingdom’s vital tourism sector a boost. Traditional dancers were accompanied by a smiling Mr. Srettha Thavisin as enquiries from Shanghai touched down at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, handing out welcome gifts.

“I was amazed by the welcome ceremony, and I’m really pleased. It’s a great flight start,” visitor Zhuang Pan, 31, confirmed to AFP. Jin Li, who is in Thailand for her honeymoon, revealed to AFP that the new route has made traveling easier. “I don’t have to worry, I just can book a ticket and plan a trip whenever,” she said with glee.

Guests from China ware the bulk of the visitors to Thailand pre-pandemic, with tourism overwhelming replacing up to 20% of the kingdom’s GDP. With global economies weakened and basic safety fears elevated by a Chinese feature thriller regarding a gentleman being kidnapped and victimized by an online scamting venture in Southeast Asia, traveling has recently been overly slow leaving tourism companies that rely largely here in trouble.

Mr. Zheng Zhengzhou, 36, was more informed of the dangers when he arrived, “No More Bets” – the film that sent shouts reverberating across the nation since its waiver and center on safety. “So to say I’ve got no worries will be a lie,” he said.

Determined look replacement that security had been found, Mr. Srettha internationally asserted how vital the safety of website visitors throughout any Thailand stay remains, “The safety of website visitors must PERSONALLY come FIRST when entering the nations borders, andstart from when Midnight nearsthrough when finally leaving… Safety needs to remain paramount ”.

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