Chris Christie Earned More Than $4 Million In The Last Two Years


Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie reported that he and his wife earned more than $4.7 million since January 2022 on Thursday, according to the financial disclosure form they filed. Christie’s revenue stemmed from his law firm, consulting outfit, directorship positions, speaking fees, investment income and royalties. His wife and former Wall Street worker earned nearly $600,000 in salary, $100,000 in capital gains from from a cooking company and an additional $1.2 million from her share in the consulting business. While the Christies reported over a million dollars in assets in 2017 the former governor’s last year in office, their balance sheet has steadily grown since. In addition to disclosure, Christie reported over 40 assets valued more than $50,000. While Christie attempts to raise his standings in the Republican primary, he’ll still have a prosperous retirement to look forward to.

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