Clockwork Ceases Solana Development, Citing Opportunity Loss and Challenges!

Hi all, bitter sweet news today. The team and I behind have decided to step away from active development of the protocol.

The Clockwork protocol was a notable driving force within the Solana ecosystem. Backed by esteemed investors Multicoin and Asymmetric, prospects initially looked encouraging with possible innovative uses and implementation. Nevertheless, acknowledging the SSD raft and complexities in the crypto ambience, the team recently took the challenging decision to stop further development. With opportunity cost in mind, they approached the question sensibly. Seemingly, the limist residence and work prospects undercored the competitive scene of the industry.

Given the above landscapes, the discharging of resources was made to falter factors impractical, and rather turn the lenses on magnifying objects with higher growth consistency.

Clockwork protocol effectively depicts the regulatory, fast-moving topography of the cryptospace. Its evident emergence as an exponential dread, from the higher funding round, the decision to clip its wings animates the fact of agmpatibility and assertiveness necessary to survive this change potentially environment. Reminder: The protocol allots a period of leeway from an active bottom till the 31st of October

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